Business Intelligence

DATAMETRON helps you to maintain a cost effective BI environment for your business in the proposed IT Budget.

Helps you in

BI Development

BI Migration

BI Support

We are a team of BI Experts having experience on different BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, Zoho Analytics and more.

  • We can develop Reports & Dashboards from scratch.
  • We can take up change requests and modify the existing Reports & Dashboards.

Our BI team can help your business in the situations like

  • Your BI product is out of date.
  • Over budget because of false selling of the BI Product.

We can help you in converting/replicating the BI Objects from one Enterprise to another.

  • SAP BO to Tableau
  • SAP BO to Power BI
  • Tableau to Power BI or Vice versa
  • Tableau/Power BI to Qlik or Vice versa.
  • Tableau/Power BI to Zoho Analytics


DATAMETRON helps your organization in maintaining the security and providing the support  

  • Publishing or promotion activities from Dev/QA/Prod environments.
  • Extracts/schedules monitoring at the server.
  • Maintaining access levels to the users.

Data Engineering

We will help you in extracting data from your business systems, create data mappings and transformations to load the data into a data warehouse.

Some of the ETL tools we use

Azure Data Engineering

  • DataBricks
  • ADF
  • Datalake
  • Blob Storages
  • Pipelines
  • Synapse Analytics

Application Development & WebServices

Experience your digital transformation through us.

Our team has experience in creating customized applications & web services to embrace your digital transformation requirements.

Our expertise lies in solutions like HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVA (SpringBoot & Microservices).

What we do

Why Choose Us

We have the expertise and knowledge to offer advice and services at an honest price.

Different Industry Experience

Our team has expertise on building solutions for businesses from different industries.

Powered by Experience

We got experience by working on several use cases of our clients; specific to Data/BI and JAVA solutions.